Poetry Of Richard Harrison


i feel like an apple 
 and you feel like newton
 watching my fall
 observing gravity
 making calculations on the tide
 at the moment that i, the apple
 still falling
 know that my life is over at the end of this last trajectory
 you catch me
 you hold me
 and you look at me as if i held an answer
 to an important question
 that still needs to be asked
 Richard Harrison 1997



i am 
words that can describe
and be 
            and a love that willingly faces
                       the fear of being lost                                         in the great growing breadth of me 

and you

these choices apportion all i have
every shallow red-black pool of my blood
and every cry
  and surgery of this love
     pares me down
         to the exultant ivory bones of the burning parched desert i am
lost in the wild whiteness of this dream 

ben laughed so hard he shook last night
and i saw the red clay on my shaking fingers
in the dark
and i knew
my halting labored breath in this silent nothingness gives more
            of the vast ocean
                 and sheets of greening rain
                     and yes thunder
than i will ever deserve
for i now know of the joy 
held gently in this perfect bleeding heart of the world
and i now have touched the infinite velvet colors 
that are you

Richard Harrison                 10/28/98



a word and a concept 
used unhesitatingly
far outreaching earthly nearsightedness
when  man sees only love
not clothed in any kind reality 
but festooned with the garlands 
of the dream of grace

what does man mean with these sacred 
whispered promises
of the infinite of perfection?
this man who walks is no seer
but simply one whose foundations
by cosmic definition 
rest in perfect harmony 
with that most perfect Universe 
this is man 
made in the shadow of tall redwoods
in the fertile belly of the sea
from clay and stones and fire 
from the ashes of those who walked
from those who loved fought killed flew
from air love stars black holes and nothing
for this Woman
for this Mother
for this Universe which is space and time and birth and feeling
and the most sacred of unconditional love
measured in light years 
by those who think such glory 
can be measured at all

to the future of forever
as related by this man vessel
fired in this kiln of these most sacred of recyclables
where planet opposed planet
and stars agreed on ingredients 
through the absence of coincidence

how not forever
how could not this Love 
formed from fire and ice in some primordial circular instant
be enduring on and on and on and on
because the last of  that singular vast circumference
the last of this pulsating diamond of perfect Love
for this man in this perfect Grace
has no end at all

Richard Harrison  1998


'swimming deep'

suspended in the blue-green 
diving into that sapphire blue awareness 
embracing parallels 
of grey brothers and sisters 
different only in the kinds of puzzles 
we choose to solve 
and our acceptance of condition 

i saw beautiful grey bodies flying 
dancing through that water-space 
embracing me with the purest of love 
and tender curiosity 
and all the while those horrific shark bites 
those disfigurements born of the wild 
of the places of no laws 
save nature's abides, 
were accepted 
understood by victim and Universe 
in the same perfection 
as those others who soared to loftier heights. 

this teaching fell on me 
like love falls on unsuspecting victims of understanding 
standing face to face with the dawn 
dissipating the mist of greener pastures 
with this love of radiant cognition 
rendering the perfection in all places 
into this one place 
into this one second 

touch me 
you are so beautiful 
in this One 
you with your white perfection 
and your perfect broken wing 
never to fly but in all ways to fly 
ever to make love grow 
in all hearts you touch 
in all that surrounds you 
in your gentle embracing of your pain 
you bring serenity 
in your quiet hope 
you bring forth dreams 
in this ordinary flight 
of extraordinary courage. 

Richard Harrison 1998 



it was good, this day, 
in those many ways

many feelings, many thoughts 
came together in a new essence 
of the us that is growing
in this womb
this kiln of fire and art and pain
this loving place
this sacred place of relationship

the committments of these hearts
have been tested by fire and ice
our fragile fears
have shown themselves
given us their fullest force
point blank 
in fatally immeasurable pain

we have survived

somehow smiled upon by Universe
[how could this perfection we honor do else?]
we have gone onward
and in these glorious days
that i will never trade for any others
i have seen angels at their best work
embodied in our emergence
and shimmering in our tears

and together 
as if painted from the radiant colors of a vast rainbow
we have been beautiful

Richard Harrison  1998


'those words'

   how those three little words
   make this heart skip beats
   funny they are so hard to say sometimes
   when we need to say them the most
   funny how we listen for them desperately through all the noise
   of our everyday lives
   funny how our total lives
   our beings 
   our essences become 
   acutely attuned to those words
   as deep rivers of joy with those words
   in awe because of those words
   more full of the future because of those words
   more full of meaning and resolve because of those words
   those simple
   oh so simple 
   but oh so beautiful 
   from one Heart to another Heart
   binding them together in that most sacred of spaces
   those most wonderful words in the All of the Universe
   i love you 

   Richard Harrison 1998


At the Shore of a Certain Sea

this day began in the mystical beauty
of a dolphin minuet 
in the soft grey deep of dawn

it was not coincidence that this dream journey 
paralleled the hope of yesterday's movie
'What dreams may Come'
a robin williams film about soulmates
and living through death and dreams
and not ever 
giving up

i was in that loving spirit 
cradled in the arms of a serene sea 
when the souls of human and dolphin embraced
on a magical level 
and we fell into love
as we danced
eyes locked
for forever
and i knew
that love exists in all dimensions
in the same way as the souls of all true lovers 
are painted together in one brushstroke
their beings perfectly woven into the timeless landscape
by the hand of god
and the absolute perfection of the universe

in that one timeless instant 
a passage was revealed to my heart
in the way lightning blazes across a jagged night sky
and seeing that sign the other dolphins instantly knew
and moved to us
opening the mystical portal to love between us all

as we swam 
with our bodies embracing 
the light of each other
we breathlessly watched our souls merge
dancing across that liquid connection
causing me to laugh the delighted laugh of purest love 
that i feel when you lean back in my arms
with your smiling eyes 
speaking straight to my heart

now i sit breathing deeply 
many hours later in this bountiful day
the encounter over in a physical way
but the glow is still yet written softly 
over my body and my senses
and painted deep red in the sky of tonight's sunset
and i feel my hands still silently trembling 
like the murmur of distant thunder
in that beautiful way they always do
when they hold your face so very gently
our lips touching in that most tender of ways
that makes everything seem so sapphire 
and so forever

Richard Harrison  10/11/1998



ten thousand silent screams                                     
and as many dull aches ago it was yesterday
a good day
in those physical terms
with smiling sunshine
and all that crap that doesn't matter much
unless you don't count happiness as luck
and see glasses as half full
and think that shit works

and we were standing there
treading water
with a cold war of thoughts between us
a dammed brick wall so tangible
that i had bloody scrapes down my arms
from trying not to scale it

my head bangs around like an old pillow
as i stand next to you
suffocating in my own silent scream for air
as i wildly look with blinded eyes 
and unfeeling fingers
in this viscous slow-motion pain
for the tiny invisible key 
that will have your body in my arms
our hearts together
and your laughing face dancing in my eyes
again for forever

Richard Harrison                    (c)1998


'to my dear friend jr'

those two years ago
about a far flung love
some twenty years before those two
i cast a hopeful net into that deep past
looking for another you
didnt know that those twenty years before
before your emergence
you were elements 
premordial fire
the songs of lonely sea birds
the longing of the earth for a perfect Light
the pulsing of the Ocean Mother

some Greater Being drew these 
perfectly intersecting lines
to be great friends 
followed in mindfulness
with eyes wide open in this wonder
and knew of kindness
and shared gentleness
and knew of the beauty of this most wonderful Universe
and knew of the absence
of coincidence
and the presence

Richard Harrison  1997



my soul rejoices 
in this season, 
this very spring of my being. 
under this fallow ground 
long awaiting sails are awakened to strain lines 
pulling ahead 
to vibrant awareness 
as i lean into the breathless wildness of this wind. 

oh breath 
this deep breathing of love 
stretching me 
as if these lungs had forgotten their usefulness 
to this soul 
lying dormant below the surface of being 
but suddenly this soul was awakened from that dream 
and looked into the eyes 
of  light 
in you 

my god 
what wondrous mischief 
is lighted by your smile. 
my heart sings sacred songs 
channeled from that vault of joy 
that must be the source of the All 
in the midst of this wonder 
we ride the wing of joy 
and laugh until tears come 
o sweet jesu 
each shared day 
every single word 
each sacred gift 
we receive 
is love 

can't imagine 
a universe 
without you....... 

 To Karen with all my love---rh
Richard Harrison 98


this day was blessed 
with the laughter of children
learning to make a difference
in a world where few care to make any at all

i saw them
eyes wide with excitement
as they registered each other
and talked of the process
with their friends
and with the parents they walked in holding hands with
and who had always cared what kind of world 
they would inherit
-parents who now knew
with gladness in their hearts
that the process of claiming ownership
to this vibrant garden of promises
had this very special Tuesday 
most radiantly begun

it was a good day 
for all of us 
for those green growing beginnings
for the turning of seasons
for this carpe diem
and as we grow
you and i and all the young and old children of this world 
now share the secret promise
that for every sunset of this dance
every stumble in our stride
there follows a brilliant dawn
painted in the embracing colors of conviction 
on the deep infinite sky of promise

Written on Election Day, November 3, 1998, 
in reference to Rotary District 5000's far-reaching, 
state-wide 'Kid's Voting' project......

Richard Harrison      11/3/98


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