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i am 
words that can describe
and be 
and love that willingly faces
      the fear of being lost       in the great growing breadth of me 

and you

these choices apportion all i have
every shallow red-black pool of my blood
and every cry
  and surgery of this love
     pares me down
         to the exultant ivory bones of the burning parched desert i am
lost in the wild whiteness of this dream 

ben laughed so hard he shook last night
and i saw the red clay on my shaking fingers
in the dark
and i knew
my halting labored breath in this silent nothingness gives more
            of the vast ocean
                 and sheets of greening rain
                     and yes thunder
than i will ever deserve
for i now know of the joy 
held gently in this perfect bleeding heart of the world
and i now have touched the infinite velvet colors 
that are you

Richard Harrison                 10/28/98                              

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