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dancing into light

i was a little lost these last few years
stuck in that meantime place of haziness
going through the motions of my life
forgetting who i could be
who i should have been for you

patience is a funny thing
dancing like a butterfly in wonder
drawing in the unsuspecting soul
to look at the beauty and peacefulness

your patience and vision always lured me
guiding me like a beacon through darkness
to this warm place of finding you
to this love bathed in light

to richard, you are my lover, best friend, confident and soulmate
and i love you very much,  karen     9/98                                         


my soul rejoices
in this season,
this very spring of my being.
under this fallow ground
long awaiting sails are awakened to strain lines
pulling ahead
to vibrant awareness
as i lean into the breathless wildness of this wind.

oh breath
this deep breathing of love
stretching me
as if these lungs had forgotten their usefulness
to this soul
lying dormant below the surface of being
but suddenly this soul was awakened from that dream
and looked into the eyes
of  light
in you

my god
what wondrous mischief
is lighted by your smile.
my heart sings sacred songs
channeled from that vault of joy
that must be the source of the All
in the midst of this wonder 
we ride the wing of joy  
and laugh until tears come 
o sweet jesu
each shared day
every single word 
each sacred gift 
we receive
is love

can't imagine
a universe
without you.......

 To Karen---rh 98                  

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