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listening in
that gray soft morning place of first awakening
awakening dreams, thoughts, questions yet
to be answered. 
this morning
the question, coming from love,
who was gravity, newton and
apple, expanded, transformed, by grace,
by the miracles,
who or what changes me/you, all of us?
another puzzle.
how the soul, wherever it lies,
feels locked sometimes, unfree, unmoving somehow, 
stuck on a trajectory, even a radient
trajectory, but locked.
longing for return.  
longing to know.

and then, in that middle, 
a beam of bright light, 
from a kind thought,
a bird's call, 
a child's cry, from the 
endless pulsing of the Mother,
an insight
moves into our singular existance in trajectory.

in that gift,
lies the pure estatic feeling of 
what it is to be perfectly centered in a diamond, 
when a pure beam of light enters silently
a lazer Light of mindfulness, endlessly 
reaching every facet, leaving no space
untouched by that incandescent Intention, 
for one brilliant moment
no darkness. 
leaving forever our life's trajectory changed,
leaving us 
grateful for the boundless celestial possibilities, 
grateful to the Universe for that Light, 
grateful to the Universe for looking at us,
as if we were an important question
that still needs to be asked,
again and again and again.

Richard Harrison 1997

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