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a word and a concept 
used unhesitatingly
far outreaching earthly nearsightedness
when  man sees only love
not clothed in any kind reality 
but festooned with the garlands 
of the dream of grace

what does man mean with these sacred 
whispered promises
of the infinite of perfection?
this man who walks is no seer
but simply one whose foundations
by cosmic definition 
rest in perfect harmony 
with that most perfect Universe 
this is man 
made in the shadow of tall redwoods
in the fertile belly of the sea
from clay and stones and fire 
from the ashes of those who walked
from those who loved fought killed flew
from air love stars black holes and nothing
for this Woman
for this Mother
for this Universe which is space and time and birth and feeling
and the most sacred of unconditional love
measured in light years 
by those who think such glory 
can be measured at all

to the future of forever
as related by this man vessel
fired in this kiln of these most sacred of recyclables
where planet opposed planet
and stars agreed on ingredients 
through the absence of coincidence

how not forever
how could not this Love 
formed from fire and ice in some primordial circular instant
be enduring on and on and on and on
because the last of  that singular vast circumference
the last of this pulsating diamond of perfect Love
for this man in this perfect Grace
has no end at all

Richard Harrison  2-2-98

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