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'swimming deep'

suspended in the blue-green
diving into that sapphire blue awareness
embracing parallels
of grey brothers and sisters
different only in the kinds of puzzles
we choose to solve
and our acceptance of condition

i saw beautiful grey bodies flying
dancing through that water-space
embracing me with the purest of love
and tender curiosity
and all the while those horrific shark bites
those disfigurements born of the wild
of the places of no laws
save nature's abides,
were accepted
understood by victim and Universe
in the same perfection
as those others who soared to loftier heights.

this teaching fell on me
like love falls on unsuspecting victims of understanding
standing face to face with the dawn
dissipating the mist of greener pastures
with this love of radiant cognition
rendering the perfection in all places
into this one place
into this one second

touch me
you are so beautiful
in this One
you with your white perfection
and your perfect broken wing
never to fly but in all ways to fly
ever to make love grow
in all hearts you touch
in all that surrounds you
in your gentle embracing of your pain
you bring serenity
in your quiet hope
you bring forth dreams
in this ordinary flight
of extraordinary courage.

Richard Harrison 1998

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