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it was good, this day, 
in those many ways

many feelings, many thoughts 
came together in a new essence 
of the us that is growing
in this womb
this kiln of fire and art and pain
this loving place
this sacred place of relationship

the committments of these hearts
have been tested by fire and ice
our fragile fears
have shown themselves
given us their fullest force
point blank 
in fatally immeasurable pain

we have survived

somehow smiled upon by Universe
[how could this perfection we honor do else?]
we have gone onward
and in these glorious days
that i will never trade for any others
i have seen angels at their best work
embodied in our emergence
and shimmering in our tears

and together 
as if painted from the radiant colors of a vast rainbow
we have been beautiful

Richard Harrison  1998(c)

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