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,                   This is a picture of my son Ben and his very special friend.......

The poem that follows
was inspired by a closeness
to a dolphin soul
that mirrored the feelings
that were the feelings that overwhelm me 
of falling in love....

This feeling is delicious
surrounds me
follows me
as silence is beauty to the soul

Thank you for coming here 
and allowing me 
to try to share this feeling with you...


At the Shore of a Certain Sea
this day began in the mystical beauty
of a dolphin minuet 
in the soft grey deep of dawn

it was not coincidence that this dream journey 
paralleled the hope of yesterday's movie
'What dreams may Come'
a robin williams film about soulmates
and living through death and dreams
and not ever 
giving up

i was in that loving spirit 
cradled in the arms of a serene sea 
when the souls of human and dolphin embraced
on a magical level 
and we fell into love
as we danced
eyes locked
for forever
and i knew
that love exists in all dimensions
in the same way as the souls of all true lovers 
are painted together in one brushstroke
their beings perfectly woven into the timeless landscape
by the hand of god
and the absolute perfection of the universe

in that one timeless instant 
a passage was revealed to my heart
in the way lightning blazes across a jagged night sky
and seeing that sign the other dolphins instantly knew
and moved to us
opening the mystical portal to love between us all

as we swam 
with our bodies embracing 
the light of each other
we breathlessly watched our souls merge
dancing across that liquid connection
causing me to laugh the delighted laugh of purest love 
that i feel when you lean back in my arms
with your smiling eyes 
speaking straight to my heart

now i sit breathing deeply 
many hours later in this bountiful day
the encounter over in a physical way
but the glow is still yet written softly 
over my body and my senses
and painted deep red in the sky of tonight's sunset
and i feel my hands still silently trembling 
like the murmur of distant thunder
in that beautiful way they always do
when they hold your face so very gently
our lips touching in that most tender of ways
that makes everything seem so sapphire 
and so forever

Richard Harrison  10/11/1998

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